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Who is Bijul?


On paper, I’m a graduate of the illustrious Spelman College (*wink*) where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a licensed attorney, and the mastermind behind this space for us to grow together. Going a little deeper, I’m a young woman constantly learning how to walk on the path God has designed for her.


A few hard lessons have confirmed to me that everything happens for a reason and God works out everything for our good. The experiences I’ve had were purposed so that I could flourish and show others how to do the same. I’ve always had a deep interest in all things related to mental health and in recent years, I’ve come to know that every single aspect of our lives is affected by the quality of our mental health.


I hope that as you flourish with me, you’ll also come to realize this for yourself.

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Flourish with Bijul was created to encourage women

and girls to flourish into the best versions of themselves.



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